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Alexandra Ioana Sponsor

(12 yr old girl)


About Me

Alexandra Ioana (born in 2010) and Ana-Maria (born in 2008) joined our family in 2019. After the divorce of their parents, the sisters' life took an unthinkable turn: their father left the house and refused any communication with the girls, while their mother turned to alcohol as a way to cope with her situation. The girls had to suddenly move to their grandparents' house but even this temporary solution failed after the house got flooded in 2008. Even though the grandparents tried their best to raise the little girls, they were in a constant struggle because of the lack of necessary finances and inability to offer them a proper environment to grow up in. The girls' mother refused to show any interest in raising her daughters and did not want to take them back home.

After the grandmother passed away, now being faced with caring for the two sisters alone, a task beyond his ability and strength, the grandfather had to ask the Child Protection Agency for their help

It was the end of 2018 when Hand of Help was asked to step in and offer these girls a place to call home. Unfortunately, throughout the years spent with their grandparents, Alexandra and Ana-Maria oftentimes missed school and not only were they in need of special care and attention pertaining to their education, but also emotional support and personal time dedicated to help them cope with all the difficult events they had endured in their lives. With the help of our teachers, they have worked hard in their free time and have been able to recuperate all the information they had missed in school during their absences.

We are grateful that the sisters are in good health and have easily adjusted to their new home. We pray that our God grants them the strength to move forward and that their years at Hand of Help will be a time of building a strong foundation for their lives, one modeled through the love and grace of our Lord.

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