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Denis-Iulian D Sponsor

(8 yr old boy)


About Me

Denis-Iulian D. and his older brother, Sorin D became a part of our large family in August 2018. They grew up in a distressed family environment; their mother had numerous relationships resulting in four children. Unable to receive the stability so much needed at their age, the siblings were not only forced to move around different homes with each new relationship of their mother, but they were oftentimes completely abandoned, with no food, clothes or any other assistance, having to beg for the neighbors' mercy. Whenever she was back home, the mother verbally and physically abused them, forcing the local authorities to intervene numerous times to protect the children. On one last occasion, while also being intoxicated, the mother treated her children so badly that the neighbors decided to call in the Child Protection Agency.

The children were in temporary Child Protection Agency housing for the entire previous school year until they were able to be placed in our care.

Denis-Iulian's story is, unfortunately, one we hear too often. Heart-wrenching and almost unimaginable stories like these humble us and, at the same time, give us a renewed determination to do whatever we can, no matter the work or sacrifice, to save children like Denis and bring them "home" – a place where our Lord's love is manifested in every moment and where the fatherless are given hope.

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