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Mihai M.H. Sponsor

(7 yr old boy)


About Me

Together with his siblings, Cristian and Maria, Mihai entered our family in the fall of 2017. The children used to live with their parents; however, after their divorce, the court granted their mother sole custody, and they were separated from their father, who went abroad in search of work.

Soon afterward, financial difficulties changed the course of their lives. An orphan herself, adopted at the age of two, the mother lost both her adoptive parents, housing, income and job. Desperate and alone, she took her children and moved to a local housing center for single mothers in need. However, this proved to be a temporary solution. Fearing they would end up on the street, the mother asked the local authorities to find a place for her children while leaving the country to find work.

Her desire is to be able to return and offer her children a home. However, until then, having no other relatives that could take the children into their care, we were asked to step in and welcome Cristian, Maria, and Mihai into our family. We immediately noticed that, in the light of so many changes, the children missed school numerous times, and they required special care and attention – not only pertaining to their education but also emotional support and personal time dedicated to helping them adjust to their home.

Mihai (or Mihaita as we like to call him) stole everyone's heart the moment he stepped into our center. He is incredibly charming and knows how to get his way. Our biggest challenge now is attempting to quiet him down long enough to complete his homework assignments. He can talk for hours without taking a breath.

Would you please keep Mihai in your prayers? We have been given the responsibility to nurture him from such a young age!

During these very years of early childhood, we have an opportunity to form a child and help him prepare for independent life, teaching him the principles and rules that will guide him forever. May every good thing that he learns here stay with him for the rest of his life, and may God help us teach him His ways and follow in His steps.

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