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Raul O Sponsor

(15 yr old boy)


About Me

At the tender age of only 5, Raul was abandoned by his mother and was left in his grandmother's care. Suddenly faced with the absence of his mother, Raul was also forced to endure the challenges of an alcoholic grandmother who was unable and unwilling to provide the necessary care for her young grandson.

Seeing Raul's desperate situation, a family providing foster care decided to offer him a chance of a normal life. They took Raul, along with other children, into their house and filled the void in their hearts and lives. Raul grew up harmoniously and slowly overcame the disheartening abandonment and lack of parental love.

However, his foster mother turned 60 and Romanian laws prohibit her from continuing proving care for children in our social system after the age of 60. Believing that her children should not be affected yet again by such dramatic changes in their lives and wanting to prevent them from being left alone again, she asked us to take Raul into our family, knowing the love and care that we would offer him.

When we first saw Raul, we were overwhelmed by the warmth of his conduct and sensibility of voice. Later on we discovered his passion for music - he plays the flute and the trumpet. In the fall of 2017, after he began attending the school associated with the Art Institute in Botosani, he started playing the piano as well. Raul has already participated in numerous musical competitions ranking among the best every time.

Please keep Raul in your prayers as we work together to prepare him for independent life. We ask our Lord to speak to Raul and reveal Himself to him, leading our little Raul to serving Him and becoming an obedient servant of His Kingdom. To see our children serving our mighty God is our deepest desire and the focus of our most fervent prayers. We are all entrusted with an incredible task- leading children to God and helping them to be faithful to our Savior and you are the reason we are able to continue in our work. Thank you for joining us in this labor and may God abundantly bless your efforts.

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