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Filip E

(9 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Filip E, the half-brother of Cornelia-Adriana, Biatrisa and Alicia O. came to our center after local authorities found the baby and his parents in a sheepfold.

Filip's mother had no house of her own. She was living with Filip's father like a nomad, accompanying him when he had to move the livestock with the changing of seasons.

It was midwinter when the authorities discovered Filip and his mother living in unspeakable conditions and took both of them in for 3 months at a center for single mothers and abused women. It was during this time that we started visiting Filip together with his sisters.

At the end of the mother's allotted time in the center, the authorities asked us to take Filip under our care as his mother was under no circumstance able to take care of him.

Filip came to us in 2017. He barely knew how to eat, let alone know the taste of certain foods. Our social workers spent hours slowly teaching him the basic notions of care, nutrition, hygiene, etc. He rapidly adapted to our family environment, interacting with and getting to know all his new friends and family at Hand of Help.

We were amazed at God's plan for Filip when after two years of constant contact, a family from a nearby city decided to take him into their home, becoming his foster parents. Filip used to spend his weekends and summer vacations with them and strong bonds have started to form. Whenever he would return to our center after spending time with them, we noticed he deeply missed them and wanted to go back to their home.

Filip has found his home now, next to believing parents who are eager to offer him all the love, care and protection that he needs! Thank you for allowing us to take care of Filip and may God amply reward all your labor! You helped a fatherless find his home and your sacrifice will be remembered!

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