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Miruna P

(19 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Petrisor, Iuliana and Miruna found hope again in 2012 when they became part of the Hand of Help family.

Their parents used to take turns working abroad and the siblings spent year after year in the company and care of just one parent.

However, after a while, their father refused to send any more money home which led forced the mother to borrow money from various people, including loan sharks. Unable to pay the loans back, the family soon lost their house and the mother decided to travel back abroad for work. The children were left alone and when the authorities were anonymously called to analyze the situation, they found the siblings unattended, without food or clothing, and lacking basic hygienic and medical attention.

It took our social workers and medical staff numerous months and incredible dedication to help them overcome their deficiencies and shortcomings, but their efforts were rewarded when the siblings started doing well in school and getting involved in numerous activities around our center - painting, playing musical instruments in our orchestra, cooking, sports, etc. Miruna was even able to get a degree in hair styling, giving her an excellent opportunity to find a job anywhere she would move to, especially with her patience and passionate nature.

A few years after their arrival at Hand of Help, the mother decided to reach out to us. She wanted to rekindle her relationship with the children. Still working abroad and getting remarried, she began working towards being able to bring her children "home". They started having lengthy phone conversations and God answered the children's prayers making a way for the whole family to be complete again.

Nothing is too difficult for our God and we were overjoyed to see the mother and all three children leave our center together, headed to their new house abroad. We believe that He will continue to work in their lives and show them that His love will never cease and His blessings will always accompany them as long as they remain obedient.

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