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Miruna P Sponsor

(15 yr old girl)


About Me

Miruna and her four brothers had been abandoned by their parents and left in the care of their aunt. After getting a divorce, Miruna's mother left abroad refusing to contact her children for several years. At the age when a normal child would have been in the third grade, Miruna was unable to read or write and was lacking basic development . It took our social workers and medical staff numerous months and incredible dedication to help her overcome her deficiencies and shortcomings.

Always striving to do better, after realizing that this was her chance to change her future, Miruna was able to go to a good public school. She is doing well in school and loves spending her free time creating various handmade objects. She attends a weekly painting class in Botosani and studies the flute, being a part of our orphanage orchestra. In our center she takes pleasure in cooking, seizing every opportunity she gets to learn from our cooks and practice what she is taught.

A few years ago, her mother decided to call us. She wanted to rekindle her relationship with her daughter. They have had a few phone conversations so far, but have not yet seen each other. Miruna is praying for God to make a way for her mother to come home and for the whole family to be complete again. 

Nothing is too difficult for our God and we believe that He will continue to work in Miruna's life and show her that His love will never cease and His blessings will always accompany her as long as she remains obedient.

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