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Maria Gabriela A Sponsor

(9 yr old girl)


About Me

The family's children, Irina, Dumitru Alexandru, Andreea, Iosif and Maria Gabriela, touched the hearts of their village neighbors after their father lost a long battle with cancer. Immediately after burying her husband, the siblings' mother left her home and entrusted Irina, at a very young age, with the care and provision of her brothers and sisters.

For a whole month, the children lived on their neighbors' compassion. The mother burned through the state allowance for the children, spending it on alcohol. When they were left with no electricity and the living environment became inhumane, they were forced to abandon school also.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time the siblings were abandoned; during the months when their father was unable to function, spending all his days in bed, heart-wrenched and having to cope with his inability to support his family, his wife used to leave him and the children for days. The older children tried their best at taking care of him and the family (a task no child should have to endure) but soon after were faced with their father's passing and being left alone again.

Maria and her siblings, Andreea and Iosif have found a home at Hand of Help. They are currently growing up together in Virginia's House, under the nurturing care of our social workers. She has changed a lot in her years here; dedicated classes to help her with her speech have allowed Maria to do well in Kindergarten and easily adapt; she loves painting and drawing - most of the time you will find her in her room surrounded by coloring blocks, paint and colored pencils. She is very attentive and loves the company of other children and adults as well, always carefully listening to everything they are saying. Maria has already started developing important life skills and we rejoice in seeing her happy, playing with her dolls or tidying up her space in the bedroom. The siblings are very attached to each other and continue to see their mother regularly (she visits them and calls us often to see how the children are doing).

Please keep Maria in your prayers! Through you, she has found the comfort that a home should offer and can now rejoice in the safety and hope we all have in Jesus.

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