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Stefana R Sponsor

(16 yr old girl)


About Me

Stefana and her brother, Gabriel, were taken in by the Hand of Help Orphanage in February 2012. At that time, they were living in a house that belonged to their mother's last boyfriend, in an environment hard to fathom. Mud floors, a few wood boards thrown together as a bed, walls stained of smoke, and a room lacking even basic amenities like electricity- this was all that could be provided for them. The only income for the household was the monthly government stipend for the children. Their mother was an uneducated woman who often traveled to neighboring countries to beg.

After she was caught and expelled back to Romania, she sent her children out to ask for money. Even with the help of the local authorities, the children often went unfed, unclothed, and not taken care of. The mother was not able to handle a budget or be self-sufficient, while the children's father was unknown.

It was impossible to provide proper growth, development, and education for the children in their family setting. The best option for the children was to be separated from their mother for a season. 

Hand of Help agreed to take these children in and, with God's help, provide an environment where they can flourish like they would in a healthy family home.

Stefana does well in school and is always involved in activities around the house. She is eager to learn and takes advantage of the time with our staff, helping around the kitchen and learning to cook. She also plays the flute in her free time. 

Thank you for making stories like Stefana's possible! We are grateful for your prayers, love, and support, and we know He who sees everything will amply reward your work for the needy and fatherless!

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