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Vlad A Sponsor

(17 yr old boy)


About Me

Vlad - born in 2007 and Carla - born in 2008 come from a family of 4 children. They currently live in Ungureni village, Botosani county. The family's oldest child has been in foster care, living with a relative since he was 3 months old. The local Child Protection authorities have always focused on their situation, trying to make the parents sensitive to the importance of properly raising, caring for and loving their children. 

Their family problems escalated once the fourth child was born in December 2012. The family doctor, monitoring the development of the child in his first months of life, noticed a total lack of care towards the children. They were often left alone in the house with no food and no heat.

Additionally, the new born child, due to lack of food and the imminent prospect of losing his life, was taken from the family and was transferred urgently to a foster family . 

The mother, a notorious alcoholic, used to neglect her children, leaving them by themselves while the father did odd jobs, and would often spend his income on alcohol in a matter of days. Vlad and Carla, the two remaining children, used to frequently be the silent witnesses to the conflicts, beatings and swearing between their parents at home. One of those days, the father forced his wife to leave their house as she manifested no interest or love whatsoever in the raising of their children. Being the only adult in the home and the only one that could work, the father used to stay at work all day long, struggling to bring back home as much money as he possibly could. The neighbors noticed that the children would frequently stay alone in the house, being deprived of the basic resources: food, water, light, heat. 

It was because of such deprivation and lack of parental control that Vlad's right palm was burned. The scar tissue prevented Vlad's normal development, leaving him with a visible deficiency as to the correct function of his hand. Hand of Help has decided to support Vlad and find the best medical care possible for him. We pray that God will give us the wisdom to address all of Vlad's problems (not only medical, but also psychological). 

Vlad and Carla are now part of the Hand of Help family, in a loving and safe environment and we pray that God will mend their wounds and restore their family. May they experience the hope and love that God wants to pour over them!

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