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Denisia N

(26 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Many greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ! My name is Denisia. I am the second oldest child in the family. I have one sister and six brothers and we are from a small village in Botosani County. All my gratitude goes toward our God, the center of our family, who was and is so merciful!

My father works as a postal worker and my mother stays at home taking care of the household. Just before starting high school I knew my parents could not afford to send me to the city to study and I was to go to a subpar high school that was closest to our house, and promptly return after school to help with chores.

However, my teachers insisted that I go to the best high school in Botosani and my parents, though not knowing how this miracle will come about, agreed, leaving all in the Hands of the almighty God, the only One able to open these doors for me. And in His faithfulness, He did not tarry in offering me the solution: Hand of Help. Because of you I have received not only the financial support, but more so, the moral support and encouragement that helped me overcome all obstacles and step into the future God has set for me.

I am part of the Hand of Help family now, along with participating at their activities; I learned to play the guitar, attended camp, I understood the importance of opening up and talk whenever I encounter a problem and above all, I learned how much effort contributors all over the world and all the staff put in so that we, the children, are well taken care of!

Writing this short letter, I cannot believe four years have already passed. This year I have invested all my time in studying for admission to medical college and I know that as long as I remain obedient, walking in His will, our God will be my helper and constant strength. Thank you for all your sacrifice in helping me get ready for this next step in my life. Your prayers and support will not be for naught.

Hand of Help Staff:
Denisia has been a wonderful role model to the children at the orphanage and has proven her dedication in applying herself to her academics. Coming from a simple village school, it is no small task to make face at the best high school Botosani has to offer, let alone work your way up to the top of the class!

Please join us in praying for all of the testing that Denisia has to prepare for but also for provision, so that we are able to come alongside her hard work and enable her to walk in the calling the Lord has for her.

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