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Costica L

(21 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Constantin (Costica as we call him) has been a member of our big family since 2009. He used to live with his sister, Madalina, in an abominable environment, being denied not only basic housing elements, like windows, electricity, hot water, but moreover, the comfort of a family. Their father had left them and their mother, suffering from schizophrenia, decided to leave the house, without notice and also without letting them know when she would be back. Being deprived of food, clothing and having no one around except a few neighbors who would take pity on them every once in a while offering them some food, the children were soon facing the dangers of living in an improper environment by themselves.

Costica had an accident and severely burnt large parts of his body. Left untreated, the burns got worse and caused severe consequences. This was the moment when Hand of Help was contacted and asked to take into their care the two siblings. Costica and his sister were carefully treated and although it took a lot of time, energy, and patience, they were soon well integrated into our family and into society.

An intelligent young boy, Costica struggled in school with writing, due to his scars. In 2012, following a specialist consult, Costica underwent a few surgeries in a hospital in Bucharest. It was because of God's mercy, your faithful help and the compassion of his doctors that Costica was again able to use his hand in his every day activities.

Costica remained in contact with his mother throughout his years at our center. He also spent his summers with his grandparents.

After turning 16, in 2018, he decided to abandon his high school studies and move to a different city with his mother and sister. He has found a place of employment and started life on his own.

Please pray that Costica would make wise choices in the years to come and start understanding the importance of seeking God and His wisdom. We pray that he will remember the counsel that he received over the years and that there is always hope for he who turns to God, in repentance, obedience and worship.

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