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Ionela S Sponsor

(16 yr old girl)


About Me

Robert and Ionela came to Hand of Help after a request from our local Child Protection Agency. The children were born in a disrupted family in the village of Baluseni, Botosani county. Their mother, six months pregnant and the two children were constantly abused, both physically and verbally; they were waken up at night and chased away from their own home, lacking basic nurturing and any other care.

The father, although he had a job, used to spend all his money on alcohol, while his children were starving in an abominable house.

When the authorities started asking him questions, his only reply was that he denies his children and wants them out of the home. Under these circumstances, the local authorities decided to take them out of that environment and find a new home for them.

We are so grateful that with your help we were again able to say yes to two more children and welcome them to our big family. Showing signs of malnutrition and a weakened immune system, the children had to slowly adapt to their new life but we are overjoyed to see the immense progress that they have made and that they continue to make!

Please keep these siblings in your prayers and know that you are the reason why lives are changed in Romania!

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