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(18 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Four years ago, the twins' mother died of an awful disease, Lupus. After this tragic event, the maternal grandmother took the little girls into foster care, while their father was working abroad. Shortly after, he started a relationship with another woman and decided to take the twins home. However, their financial situation didn't improve and the father had to leave the country again for work. The two sisters were left with his mistress who dramatically changed her attitude towards the children. They were beaten, left alone periodically without anything to eat or to drink. The father failed to provide for his family and show any kind of interest towards the girls which made the child protection services? intervention necessary. The grandparents no longer wanted to take care of the girls and without any other relative able to take them into foster care, Hand of Help was contacted by the authorities, being the only resource left for the twins. 

From the very beginning, Georgiana and Andreea told us: We want to come with you! Will you take us?? We all felt these little girls had never felt the harmony of a secure family environment. Our God however has given them what they have always needed: love and security. Through Hand of Help, these girls are now protected and provided for. They are full of energy, smiling each morning when they see us and hugging us continuously, showing their gratitude for the hand of help we have given them. Thank you, Lord, for taking care of Your children and bringing them HOME!


Our twins, Catalina Georgiana and Andreea-Corina have said their goodbyes to Hand of Help. Even though their time with us was very short (three years), they have been an example to all. In 2007, just one year after their birth, their mother passed away and their father, unable to cope with all the dramatic changes in their lives, started drinking and neglecting his family. The twins' maternal grandmother took them into foster care, but out of the father's ambition, they were soon forced to move to a paternal aunt. 
With their father left to work abroad and not keeping up his promise to send financial help, their aunt decided she was not going to keep the girls with her anymore. Faced with the need to make a decision, the Merticaru father left his girls with his concubine, to live along with three of her own children. After he left again for work abroad, the girls were not taken care of, they were beaten, verbally abused and they skipped many days in Kindergarten. The neighbors were the ones to call the Child Protection Agency and Hand of Help had the joy to receive them with open arms.

These past three years, their father realized the mistakes he had made in the past and with every opportunity tried to rekindle their relationship. He not only started sending them packages, gifts and money, but took every opportunity he had to come visit them and spend time with them during all the vacation time he could muster.

It was during the winter holidays that the father decided to reunite his family. Our twins are going to travel to France, where their father has been working for the past three years and where he was able to find a place to live.

Please join us in prayer as we ask our God to protect them and make every single seed that was planted in their hearts and minds these three years, grow and impact their future life and decisions.

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