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Petronela A Sponsor

(12 yr old girl)


About Me

Nadia Petronela and Petru Liviu (twins) were born in 2009 to their single mother and an unknown father. In August 2012, their mother left abroad, leaving the twins in the care of their aunt. Their agreement was that the mother was to financially support the children and permanently keep in touch with them. This very understanding was communicated to the local authorities.

However, once departed from Romania, the mother never contacted her children or her sister and never sent money or any other type of help. Her sister, unemployed, living in a modest house consisting of two rooms, without electricity or wood for warming the place, was forced to ask the Child Protection Services for their help.

Soon afterwards, Hand of Help was contacted and we decided to take the twins into our care. The mother showed no interest whatsoever in keeping her relationship with the twins and agreed to Petru and Nadia becoming a part of our orphanage. The twins have another sister currently living in a different town with a relative who was able to take her into foster care.

Please keep Nadia and Petru in your prayers. They had to face numerous changes at a very early age and their hearts have been deeply wounded. As we strive to embrace them with all our affection and love, we know that only our Lord Jesus can completely heal and restore them.

Thank you for your faithfulness and for helping us offer a family to those who have no one else in this world to call "tata" (father) or "mama" (mother). We are grateful to be able, together with you, to bring hope to the lives of the fatherless.

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