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Alin Claudiu

(19 yr old boy) He is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

Alin A, one of the four brothers in our family, first came into our lives in April, 2008. In 2016, his father, whom he loved deeply, passed away and Alin's heart was changed. His desire was to return to his remaining family - both his grandfathers are still alive. However, as the paternal grandfather could not take care of Alin, he started looking for his maternal grandfather. Early on in his childhood, Alin spent some time with him, just after her mother deserted them. Despite being just after such a traumatic event, Alin had fond memories of their time together.

After years of not knowing about his whereabouts, he managed to find him. The relationship was immediately rekindled and the grandfather contacted us and told us he has decided to take Alin in as his own. He couldn't take all four of the siblings, but could take Alin as he was the oldest and required less personal care.

We are grateful that our Lord spoke to his heart and he decided to offer Alin his home. The spring of 2017 brought the two together and after receiving all the paperwork and government approvals, Alin was transferred to a school nearby to his grandfather's house and he is continuing his studies there. This blessing is two-fold as Alin is no longer in contact with the children that were negatively influencing him at his previous school.

Another miracle happened soon afterwards when the paternal grandfather, who had refused to keep in touch with the other grandfather for years, opened his heart and rekindled their relationship. He even helped him remodel a room for Alin, installing tile and preparing it for their grandson.

The brothers keep in touch and will be spending time with each other when their school schedules permit.

Please join us in prayer for the unity of this family and for God to always guide their decisions. Alin has been blessed to see his heart's desire fulfilled and we can only pray that everything that he has been taught here at the Hand of Help Orphanage will continue to speak to him, cause growth and bring fruit in his future

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