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Alicia Sponsor

(13 yr old girl)


About Me

Cornelia, Biatrisa, and Alicia faced multiple challenges at a very early age. When their parents' marriage deteriorated and the physical, verbal and mental abuses started, their mother decided to leave home. A while after, she gave her marriage another chance, and the family moved to Spain. However, the situation continued to escalate. The mother returned home to Romania with the children when the father was sentenced to prison.

The following years the children were tossed around from their grandparents to their father, their father's concubine or any other relatives that took pity on them and allowed them to stay with them for a short period.

Given the desperate situation of the girls, the local community where the father used to live asked us to help the children.

When we decided to take the girls into our care, we found them at their aunt's house. Although the sisters were being taken care of, their aunt told us that she could not carry the responsibility of raising three more children while providing for herself and another three of her own.

The sisters rapidly adjusted to their new home, getting to know our staff and the rest of our children. Their parents decided to keep in touch and started calling and visiting them at our center. However, none of them had the means to take them back.  The father is currently working abroad but calls our staff regularly to inquire about the girls.

Alicia has grown into a studious young girl, always eager to discover new things. She attends a very good school in Botosani.

She plays the mandolin and sings in church together with other adolescents from our center.

Alicia understands how blessed she is to be able to live with her sisters at Hand of Help and is grateful for finally having a home she can call her own.

Thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of these little ones!

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