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Cornelia-Adriana Sponsor

(15 yr old girl)


About Me

Cornelia-Adriana, Biatrisa and Alicia have not been able to find a place to live in either their mother's relatives or their father's. The family lived for a period of time abroad (Spain), in the hope of being able to secure a proper way of live. However, the father began physically and verbally abusing his daughters, turning their situation in an extremely unfavorable one. The Spanish authorities considered it necessary to take measures and condemned the father to a sentence of one year in prison due to repeated aggressive abuse towards his children. Meanwhile, the mother and her children returned home, to the village where their extremely poor maternal grandparents live. 

For two years, the father chose not to contact his wife, but got news about the children through his relatives. This situation led the mother to file for divorce, especially taking into account the she was going to abandon her girls after starting a relationship with a different man. It was this very situation that led the children to be tossed around from their grandparents, to their father, their father's concubine or any other relatives that took pity on them and allowed them to stay with them for a short period of time. After their mother refused to remain in contact with them and the father had gone abroad leaving them with his concubine, the local community where the father used to live asked us to help the children.

When we decided to take the girls into our care, we found them at their aunt's house. Although the sisters were being taken care of, their aunt told us that she was unable to take the responsibility of raising three more children while providing for herself and another three of her own with a minimal income. The sisters have rapidly adjusted to their new home, getting to know our staff and the rest of our children. They are doing well and so far just their father has expressed the interest to keep in contact with them. 

We pray that our Lord helps them adjust to their new home and family and gives them all His blessings! It is only in Him that they will find love and comfort like no other and we are but humble tools in His service!

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