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Maria C

(11 yr old girl) She is no longer in the orphanage. Please consider sponsoring someone else.


About Me

The desperate situation of Maria and Rares (siblings) determined the local authorities to take some much needed action when, after the parents' divorce, the mother and her two children were outcast from the paternal grandmother's house.

The two children had been witnessing the fervent conflicts and fights between their parents, being deprived of their parents' affection, poorly dressed, dirty and hungry. After being contacted, the father refused to take any action, loudly saying that he had no interest whatsoever in his children. Meanwhile, their mother, due to the lack of a stable home and finances, continued to neglect her children.

Left in the care of their grandmother, the children were most of the times unsupervised, lacking the most basic of care at a very young age.

In spite of all these obstacles, God has proven again faithful to His children, opening the way for Maria and Rares to become a part of our Hand of Help family. The two siblings easily adapted to their new life and new friends and we were overjoyed to see them grow harmoniously.

One holiday season, a time when families around our area become involved in our projects, Maria was invited to spend her free time with one family from a neighboring city. “A Place at Your Table” offers children from our center the opportunity to spend the holidays with families who open their homes to children in need. For the following three years, the family continued to invite Maria to spend her weekends, holidays and summers with them and strong bonds have formed between them, determining the couple to ask to foster Maria. We closely monitored the whole process and for the first six months were in constant contact with Maria and the family to help her easily adjust to her new family.

We are grateful to our Lord for making a way for Maria to find her home and we thank you for making stories like hers possible. We are humbled to see His faithfulness and love manifested in such detailed manners in Maria’s case. He has proven yet again that His ways are perfect and where human minds cannot conceive a solution, He is ready to work miraculously.

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