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Petrisor-Vladut C Sponsor

(21 yr old boy)


About Me

Petrisor-Vladut was born in 1999. Petrisor-Vladut, Nicoleta-Valentina, and Ionel-Florentin have the same mother but different fathers. 

The children have always been attached to each other because they were left to care for themselves. Their mother, Niculina, an alcoholic, used to leave them alone and was unable to provide a safe environment where the children could grow up harmoniously.

After the Child Protection Agency decided to place them in an orphanage, the siblings struggled with this decision. They cried for their mother and were eventually permitted to return home with the stipulation that their mother would stay home and care for them. 

However, since that time two more babies had been conceived with different men and their mother was still unable to properly take care of them so the Child Protection Service stepped in again to remove the children from a dangerous family environment.

They asked Hand of Help if they would take them and the children arrived at the orphanage in March 2011. 

Vlad is currently attending Veterinary College is Iasi; since an early age, he loved animals and we are overjoyed to see the transformation in him. Please keep him in your prayers as he is working hard to establish a career and earn a living!

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