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Lorena R Sponsor

(12 yr old girl)


About Me

Lorena, along with her sisters and their mother, were found living on the streets. They were forced to leave their home due to the father’s abusive behavior. One might consider “home” a completely improper noun for the structure that they used to live in – a space that had a demolition order and that lacked even the most basic of features (no electricity or running water).

As the mother could not afford to pay the fees associated with registering the birth of her daughters, none of them had birth certificates or any other paperwork to document their existence. With no education whatsoever, no income, no relatives to get help from and no government assistance, the mother agreed to have Hand of Help become the girls’ new home. 

Lorena is a very intelligent young girl with a fantastic memory and is always challenging the other children to learn more and do better with their studies. She loves singing and reciting Bible verses and lengthy poems that even an adult would struggle with. She is always a part of all of our activities at Hand of Help and her smile and energy can invigorate even the coldest of hearts. She is an example for everyone around her and we can see God’s love shining through her tiny person.

From a child with no legal existence, she has grown to be a daughter of our Lord. It is because of stories like Lorena’s that we do what we do. To see a little girl transformed before our eyes and become such an amazing child, is a miracle! Thank you for making stories like these possible. You are giving a chance to the fatherless and you are guiding them towards a life lived in Christ.

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