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The Orphan and Family Sponsorship Program of Hand of Help offers churches and individuals the opportunity to help change the world, one child or one family at a time. With the help of ministry volunteers, potential sponsors are connected with orphans at the Hand of Help Orphanage in Botosani, Romania.

The Child of the Month is Denisa R

Denisa R. was born in 2007 in Botosani. In the spring of 2021, we had the joy of seeing both Denisa and her older sister, Gabriela, for the very first time and welcoming them into our home.

We still remember when they first arrived and were hesitantly going up the stairs to the first floor of our building to meet our staff; shy, patiently listening to all of us, overwhelmed maybe by all the smiles surrounding them, but ready to start a new chapter of their lives.

The girls arrived at our center after the local Social Protection Services were notified of the verbal and physical abuse that the girls endured in their home. Frightened by their mother's partner, extremely angry at the girls, and in a severe state of drunkenness, Denisa and her older sister ran away from their house, fearing for their lives. They arrived at their grandparents' house shaking with fear and cold, wearing just their pajamas. Denisa was barefoot as she didn't even have time to put on her shoes.

After this incident, the grandparents notified the authorities, who decided the girls should not risk going back to their house.

Denisa and her sister are a part of our House of Hope. The rest of our children welcomed them with open arms; they understand better than anyone else the importance of helping a new child feel loved and at home. Denisa slowly warmed up to this immense change in her life. Having her sister next to her all the time has helped her settle in.

Denisa is currently in the 8th grade, and music is her passion. She plays the violin, enjoys helping with chores, cooking, cleaning, and is very devoted to her schoolwork.

Would you please pray for Denisa as she often feels overwhelmed with all the changes in her life? Join us in asking our Lord to draw her unto Him through His Holy Spirit and give her a testimony of His love, strength, and faithfulness!

To sponsor Denisa R, go to the Sponsor Today page, and click "I want to sponsor a child", and enter "Denisa R - Child of the month" under the Child Name section.

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