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Daniel 4:30, "The king spoke, saying, 'Is not this great Babylon, that I have built for a royal dwelling by my mighty power and for the honor of my majesty?"

These were the last words uttered by King Nebuchadnezzar before his descent into madness, and for seven years he wandered the wilderness eating grass, until his hair had grown like eagles' feathers, and his nails like birds' claws. His insanity was not a gradual progression, but an instant removal of his reason, logic and humanity. In the blink of an eye, the once proud king, the man who walked about the royal palace glorying in his excess and accomplishments became nothing more than a beast, a mindless animal in human form. 

I often wonder if we as a nation are not descending into the selfsame madness, if as a nation we have not abandoned logic and reason altogether all the while contemplating our mighty power and all that we have constructed for the honor of our majesty. 

It's hard to argue the case that we are still sane and in control of our faculties when not a word is uttered in protest by our duly appointed leaders as 'the pedophile's guide to love and pleasure' is published and marketed in this country, but one nativity scene in a public place whips them up into a frenzy, causing them to foam at the mouth in rage, as they decry the obscenity of such a blatant display of religious zealotry. 

Men writing books on how to molest children, sure no problem, freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and all that good stuff we like to talk about. 

A nativity scene on your front lawn, well we can't have that you know, there are limits even to freedoms, we can't have anarchy and chaos now can we? 

Now before the e-mails start pouring in, this article is not about whether Jesus was born in June or in December, or whether we ought to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This article is about the sheer insanity that is gripping this nation ever more tightly to the point that it is choking of logic and reason altogether. 

We stand before the precipice of being silenced, gagged, bagged and tagged, allowed to freely express only preapproved opinions, sanitized, prepackaged, and in lockstep with our betters, becoming a giant amalgam of automatons too fearful of reprisal to step out of line. The mask that is the illusion of freedom is slowly slipping off in this nation, and what lies beneath is a truly frightful thing to behold. 

How far down the rabbit hole will we descend? How much more madness is yet to be displayed passing itself off as normal? Only time will tell, but I fear by the time enough people have awoken from their stupor, by the time enough people have been jarred awake from their slumber, what now remains of sanity will have been lost and the many will remain subject to the madness of the few. 

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr.



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Thank you for being an extension of God's Hand to the Romanian People through Hand of Help this past year, indeed lives have been blessed because of you!


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Episode 7 - Learning From The Blind
Episode 8 - Scriptural Living

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