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Baby Steps

Rome wasn’t built in a day, you didn’t put on fifty pounds overnight, culture did not erode over a single summer, and your liberty didn’t go from robust to being on a respirator with the snap of a finger. Everything takes time. Incremental changes over the long term have a wholly transformative effect, and this is an undeniable truth. It is the reality we are living, and looking away or pretending it isn’t so won’t change anything.

Baby steps got us here, and now that we’re here, individuals who want to remake this country and wholly transform it into something it was never intended to be, feel confident enough that they’re making long strides. The finish line is within reach, and if not for you pesky knuckle draggers who still can’t see the glories of misery equally applied, they’d jaunt across the line without breaking a sweat.

Decades of pretend revolutionaries masquerading as college professors teaching your kids that this is the worst country on the planet are finally paying off. Although they’ve never had a job, made a mortgage payment, or had any ambition other than smoking more weed, the youth of today has convinced itself that it will succeed where all others have failed.

Even though they don’t have the drive, intelligence, or instinct of others who previously failed in their pursuit of similar endeavors, their level of hubris is heretofore unequaled. Maybe it has something to do with everyone getting a participation trophy, or little Billy being told he’s still a winner even though he never took the field. Nevertheless, here we are, and a generation of entitled, irrational, lazy, hysterically emotional confused young people with a penchant for violence and pyromania want to destroy in a summer what took almost three centuries to build up.

Certain politicians with as much foresight as most churches are cheering on the barbarism because they think they’ll share in the spoils, and have a seat at the table of power. Little do they know that if the fringe extremists ever do get power, their old, tired, dementia riddled behinds will be the first to go. They are not extreme enough, and though their desires were limited to power and money, the true ideologues want to implement madness that will remake this nation completely. There’s no room for centrism here; it’s Communism or bust.

Speaking of baby steps, and this goes out to all the myopic pastors and churches who put up the quirky ‘Jesus would wear a mask!’ signs, the fear monger in chief who can’t throw a baseball to save his life, is now suggesting that goggles might not be a bad idea to go along with your mask. How long before we’re walking around in hazmat suits to keep from catching something that has a 99.2% survivability rate? As the old adage goes, I’m asking for a friend.

But yeah, what’s the big deal? Just do what you’re told. Submit. Trust the experts. It’s only for a little while. Two weeks to flatten the curve, and we’re back to normal lickity split.

So, the next time you get the urge to say that could never happen here regarding a plethora of things from your liberties being stifled, to Marxism having its day in the sun, bite your tongue and realize that it is happening here. It’s happening, and there’s no denying it. It’s happening, and it won’t stop until the average citizen rises up to stop it.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.

Posted on 30 July 2020 | 11:36 am

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