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What have you done? These were the four words that formed the question God asked Cain while still covered in his brother Abel's blood and gore. It's not as though God didn't know what Cain had done, but I dismiss the idea that the question was rhetorical in nature, offhand. God doesn't play word games, He doesn't do gotcha moments, so when the question was posed, I believe it had more to do with the full extent of the consequences of what Cain had done rather than the initial act itself.

Granted, it would be a while until Newton came along to put into words what most of us knew instinctually, namely that there is an equal and opposite reaction for every action. Nothing gets done in a vacuum. Nothing gets done without there being tertiary effects. A guy in a lab in the middle of China picked his nose after touching an infected bat, and a year and change later, here we are, forced to become mole people, living beneath the earth and squinting at the sun whenever we dare to step outdoors.

Just so we're clear, I'd sooner believe that the abominable snowman and bigfoot are real, are happily married, and whenever bored, get on their spaceship and abduct drunk people in Arizona to play operation on them, than the narrative being peddled wherein Joe Biden got more votes than any presidential candidate in United States electoral history. Sorry, not sorry, that's just where I am with this.

You know how some things just don't make sense? This is one of them. We've been told for the longest time that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. That every hiccup, error, and glitch, all favored one candidate without them being intentionally instigated, is just absurd on its face, but the other side doesn't care how they win as long as they win.

The goal is power; the goal is control; the goal is getting back on the teat of the government gravy train, which they were denied for four years. Every degenerate, every weasel, every immoral leech you wouldn't trust alone with your children is dusting off the ole' pinstripe and licking their lips. The dark days are over! The promised land awaits once more! But what that means for the average Joe, for the taxpaying rube funding the thousand-dollar plate dinners and first-class accommodations, is that they'll get to keep less of the money they earn and be told they're still not paying their fair share, by puss bags wearing silk Hermes ascots.

And this is where I wanted to get to this morning. As I watch this clown show unfolding day in and day out, I marvel at how little thought is given to the guaranteed fallout of what they are attempting to engineer. Let's be honest; they could have waited another four years and would have had a decent chance of winning the election outright if they found the right candidate. However, for various reasons I won't go into at this juncture, they couldn't afford to do it. And so, they opened up this Pandora's box, never thinking through the reality that whichever way this election swings, you will have at least half the country deem it as illegitimate and fraudulent.

It's been a tough year for most folks, and for many, the one thing they left had to cling to was the notion of one man, one vote. It was the idea that they were living in a country that would never lower itself to pulling Banana Republic shenanigans. It was beneath us as a nation, at least until this new crop of the power-mad came on the scene. Now, this too has been taken from them, and the dirty, disgusting, heinous, and monstrous underbelly of American politics has been exposed for all to see.

You have hard-working, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens feeling as though they no longer have a voice. They feel as though kids have no future, and the country they love, the country their parents, grandparents, sons, and daughters fought and often died for, is being undermined by individuals who despise its history as well as its current iteration. How long before those people get fed up, and once they do, what happens then?

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea Jr.  

Posted on 2 December 2020 | 12:31 pm

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