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Underneath It All

Those who are even halfway awake are aware of the battle that is raging. It is a war that is being waged on multiple fronts, but unsurprisingly, for the same common goal and purpose. What’s worse, is that even many so-called Christians, who would betray Christ Himself in order to be liked by the world, are lending their voices in support of the minions of darkness, not understanding the reason behind the reason certain things are being shoved down the throats of an unsuspecting and oftentimes unwelcoming public.

Whether it’s this seemingly out of nowhere push to embrace transgenderism even in children as young as five, to the rejection of gender being a binary absolute, to the dismantling of the family, to the forced abdication of authority by men as the heads of their homes, one common purpose binds them all, and that purpose is the undermining of God’s sovereignty, authority, and omnipotence.

If you believe that the reason sixty-seven genders are being pushed as the new normal simply because we want to be inclusive of every mentally deranged person out there, I’ve got some stunning beachfront to sell you in Arizona that is woefully under-priced.

When people are losing their jobs, their livelihood, their reputations, and their ability to support their families because they object to the idea of watching a girl take a shower in the boy’s locker room simply because she feels like a boy, it’s no longer about being tolerant and inclusionary, it’s about submitting to the new normal, or being crushed underfoot. Their desire is not to coexist as a minority, but to lord over the majority, employing fear and intimidation as the ever present sword of Damocles, ready to swing at the merest whisper of dissent.

And underneath it all, when you peel back the layers of this rotten onion, it’s not about tolerance, it’s not about acceptance, it’s not about embracing people who are different, it’s about spitting in God’s eye, and insisting that by sheer force of human will alone we can make God out to be a liar.

“God created man and woman? Really? What about the 65 other genders? Where did they come from?”

“Man is fearfully and wonderfully made? Really? What about those who are born with male parts but feel like women?”

“Family is optimal for civilization? Are you saying that all those single mothers are less than optimal?”

“Fathers need to be the head of their household? What are you, some closet supporter of the patriarchy?”

And so it goes, straw man after straw man, all intended to chip away at the God of the Bible, and His sovereignty. Make no mistake, this is the endgame. This is the reason behind the reason we are seeing this descent into insanity in our culture, and if the church does not begin to do what it has been tasked with doing all along, which is be an anchor firmly planted in sanity, this madness will only grow, escalate, and metastasize.

You have an eleven-year-old boy, dressed in drag, dancing on stage in a gay bar, and rather than condemn the parents, rather than condemn all those pedophilic perverts who threw money at a boy dressed as a girl who wasn’t even a teenager yet, it is being praised as trailblazing, progressive, the height of tolerance and virtue.

And where’s the church? Silent as always!

Oh, I’m sure we’ll find some so-called pastor wearing skinny jeans and horn rimmed glasses encouraging us to be tolerant and embracing of such madness, or defending the child’s right to self-expression even though he is far too young to understand the context of what he participated in, or that he had been sexualized by perverted hedonists.

The voices of sanity, however, seem to have gone away, busy doing other things, or voluntarily grown quiet for fear of being targeted by the outrage mob, and being called a hater or some sort of phobe. Understand that this is their go to when they have no rational argument supporting the insanity they’ve embraced. They lash out mercilessly, trying to make an example of anyone who would stand against the tide, hoping that the vast majority of decent, rational folks will learn their lesson and keep their mouths shut.

If the progression of what we are seeing is not troubling to you, then you should check your pulse; You may just be dead!

The rubber band keeps getting stretched, and increasingly vile and aberrant practices are being championed and embraced. We are literally flirting with the idea of normalizing and mainstreaming pedophilia, and still the church says nothing.

How will we stand before a sovereign God with any reasonable expectation of hearing well done thou good and faithful servant? That is the question many churches ought to be wrestling with today.

With love in Christ,
Michael Boldea Jr.

Posted on 19 December 2018 | 3:46 pm

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