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Don't Say That!

The list of what you can’t say, of what is offensive, what triggers someone, of what is uncouth, and unacceptable in polite society is growing with each passing day. Never mind that what you are saying is true, scientifically demonstrable, and unequivocal. Pepe the boy who thinks he is a cat, thinks your words are offensive, and as such, you must be silenced.

The tyranny of the minority is in full swing, and heaven help you if you happen to come under their crosshairs. For a small, freakish, outcast group of lost souls who harp on tolerance, they’ve demonstrated that they are quite intolerant little creatures.

Everything is offensive! That is the plumb line. That is the start off point, and if they can’t get you on the actual words you spoke, then it’s the tonality or the cadence, or volume with which you said it. You don’t know you’re toxically masculine or intolerantly bigoted due to your upbringing, but believe them, you are, they noticed it in that you crossed your arms in an aggressive fashion.

This entire thing would be farcically comical if the gatekeepers of what has become the public square of society weren’t going along with it. Back in the day, before the advent of the internet, telephones, or mass media, there used to be a town crier who would stand on a box in the town square and yell out the news of the day.

Everyone knew where they needed to go if they wanted to know what was happening in the kingdom, or if there was some important message the king wanted to relay.

Nowadays the town crier has been replaced by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other behemoth platforms who have taken it upon themselves to silence those they disagree with. The trend is an obvious one because as yet, I have not heard of one atheist, communist, or homosexual activist getting deplatformed, but there are plenty on our side who have.

There is an agenda, and it is inescapable. If you still believe that these string pullers are well-intentioned, well-meaning, just wanting to spare the feelings of the girl who is trying to break the record for facial piercings, you are dead wrong. We are being steered, like cattle, told what an acceptable belief is and what is unacceptable, and if you dare stray from the acceptable, then you are punished without reservation.

They are building their own echo chamber, wherein the only opinion they hear is their own, and because they’ve purged all dissenting voices, they assume they must be right. It is a vicious cycle that seems to be multiplying and expanding, and the decent and moral are their target. Let’s be blunt; Christians are their target. Decency is their target. The building blocks of over two thousand years of civilization are their target.

By any objective metric, it’s getting worse every day. On the one side, rational, reasonable, logical voices are being silenced; on the other politicians are floating the idea of ‘abortion’ up to six months after birth.

Anyone willing to see the situation for what it is and not flinch or look away knows exactly how this all will end. Nay, they realize how this all must end. 

With love in Christ, 
Michael Boldea Jr.

Posted on 14 June 2019 | 2:22 pm

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