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Evil is Evil!

 It comes as neither shock nor surprise when the godless call evil good and good evil. It’s their natural state, devoid of morality or a sense of virtue. Light is dark, up is down, bitter is sweet, and though the cognitive dissonance is off the charts, aided by pharmaceuticals and no small amount of stiff drink, they manage to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror, and live with themselves without projectile vomiting the previous night’s dinner.

It takes a special kind of twisted logic to want to save the whales, the pandas, and the planet but kill the babies, all in the same breath. We want to save everything around us but leave no future generations of humans to enjoy that which God has created. That beating heart inside you must cease to exist for no other reason than it would impede attending spin class every other day.

The zealotry of those who would end the life of a helpless baby as they are being born is akin to the Jonestown residents who slurped up cup fulls of Kool-Aid proceeding to their eternal torment without so much as an objection or realization that it would be impossible to undo it once it was done.

What is beyond my ability to reason, however, is people calling themselves Christians, pastors of churches, and clergy from various denominations, insisting that being pro-life is a demonic agenda and furthermore, that God Himself is pro-choice. In case you’ve yet to be brought up to speed, pro-choice is a term often used to denote baby murder, but without the emotional impact of calling it what it is. It would be like saying someone with third-degree burns across their entire body caught a little too much sun, or a head-on collision with a semi at 70 miles per hour was a fender bender.

All platitudes aside, abortion ends a human life, regardless of the trimester it’s performed in. This is a fact! It’s not opinion; it’s not just something the ladies in church bonnets say; it is a scientific fact!

That you would have individuals purporting to be ambassadors of Christ insist that it’s nothing more than a procedure, a choice, some nuisance to be done away with just because you feel like it that day is not just immoral; it is evil.

We have come full circle. Those who have crept into the household of faith are now insisting that God, the giver of life, revels in the ending thereof, and if you stand for the innocent, you are the monster, you are the ghoul, you are the heartless, hollowed-out skin suit in which there is no decency or goodness.

I’m sure the ‘love everyone’ choir is warming up in the background with the ‘it’s just a difference of opinion’ quartet as backup, but the Word is clear as to what becomes of those who strengthen the wicked and dishearten the righteous with lies. May their judgment be swift that all may gaze upon them with righteous fear.

With love in Christ,

Michael Boldea, Jr.  

Posted on 12 July 2022 | 12:55 pm

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